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Aibase Version 3.8.0

Try Aibase for free. Trial limit: 30 uses, otherwise fully functional. Easy install and uninstall included. The installed Trial Version can be activated as Full Version after Purchase. In addition, Aibase 3 customers can run the installation to update their Full Version.

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Release: January 18, 2024

Operating system: MS Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista

File size: 7.56 MB (7,931,823 Bytes), File MD5: 71899e8bd9eacc7bd3a0c6ff28397f74

Dialogs: English

Additional files

Aibase 3 - Additions (Newest on top):

- Canvas-text: use more multicolor-glyphs (Segoe UI Emoji)

- SVG export: Option for export of margins.

- Canvas-text edit: Undo step count increased.

- Added: Formula 3D plots (see Insert-New-Object dialog).

- Extended: Visual-formula exchange (MathML, RTF) between software.

- Added: Settings / Canvas Text / Pref. Math Editor. (Basic-editor can import UnicodeMath)

- Added: Bar/Lineplot property: Range symbols (errorbars)

- Added: Plot-types: polarfunctions: r(theta),  (r(t),theta(t))

- Font-characters dialog: Extended (doubled) the range.

- Extended: Table-cell styling

- Html-export: Option to include mathjax.js link

- Added: Item-frame-shape: Cloud

- Added: Star-shape

- More item-frame shapes.

- Added R-buttons in Pre-docs dialog.

- Image / content-type "Standard Symbol" started (more symbols in future)

- Improved: finer curvehandle-edit at large zoom

- Pre-docs dialog: new shortcuts, find distant pre-docs.

- Added: Barplot edge-property

- SVG-export extended to include effects (drop-shadow, glow, edge).

- New: Numerical charts (barchart, linechart, pie, functionplotter)

- Further optimizations in Aimo-script terminology (more)

- New shortcut-keys in doc-library (see Help/Doc library)

- New shortcut: Links (eg. board-links) can show the N-Line dialog.

- Rotate-shortcut changed to Ctrl+Shift+Plus/Minus.

- Added: Alt+Plus for zoom (similar to Alt+Arrow for scroll).

- Tree auto-spacing very slightly reduced to achieve an optimum.

- SVG-export extended to include visual equations.

- Added support of PS-OpenType fonts.

- Enhanced copy/paste of text-with-links, if the other app is RTF-aware.

- Added: Paste-image mode (Aibase settings / canvas graphics / paste image)

- Optimized edit-text linebreaking: F7 has replaced Ctrl+F7.
F9 Linebreaking-dialog (contains F1 help) for faster change.
Linebreaking fully respects print-cm (zoom-independent).

- Ruler-objects can optionally show "field-lines". A grid requires two rulers.

- More commands in curvepoint context-menu:

1. Enable C2 (maximal joint-continuity to produce a cubic B-Spline)

2. Adjacent segment type (Line, Bezier, Parabolic, Auto elliptic-arc)

- Aibase Settings / Canvas Graphics / Edit-display quality / High (default)
Preview-curves have smoothness of final curves.

- Refinements in script-related help.

- Added: more Quantity types related to energy.

- Added: Storage-fields: Link-Settings / Keywords and Reference;  Document-Settings / Author

- Added: Aibase Settings / Window-Elements / field to tweak dialog-color

- Further adjustments of dialogs to high-resolution displays

- Stricter quantity-rule: Nameless Compounds switch to base-units (minimal/unique)

- Design-optimization in help-documents: Colored background in top row

- Item text can be interpreted by Aibase as quantity (number, money or physical quantity)

- Script (in Aimo) can access (read and change) the quantities.

- List of supported quantities

- New object type: Aimo (Aibase Input-Model-Output) as script-container (for calculations and others)

- Aimos are special tables (with script-cell and data-cells) which can placed in the canvas.
The script (
Python 3) can be run by menu command. Aimo data and other quantities,
elsewhere in the same document, can be used in the script.

- Alternatively, an invisible Aimo can be attached to an object (table, item);
this Aimo can read and change quantities in the owning object (table, item) and document.

- The script is also able to use (import) external Python (v3) modules.
Python has a large community, also in education and science, for example

- Optional Link-Board (with board-links) per document at the bottom of the view.

- Board-links are similar to links in other list-views. They don't scroll with the canvas, ie. they are always visible. Board-links are thought to be more unrelated or link-duplicates (if the document is large). They can optimize the navigation to larger overviews, or to other chapters of the same level, or to Aibase help-docs (just tech-relational).

- The maximum height of the board is 3 lines (one board page; several links per line). Adding more links will result in more board-pages; a page-button can be clicked to show the next board-page, and so on.

- Any prefix can be added to the document-label  (label = prefix (category) + tail (in sync with doc-title))
A prominent example is the "Script: " prefix in many help documents.

- Html-export: Maximum Web-page-width can be defined, and Web page will be centered in browser.

- Aibase Help will start in a separate help-window (for concurrent view). And all help-links (located in any window) will target the help-window.

- Extended: On an item, Ctrl+Up (or Down) shows the insert-position (to grow a list) even if the item has no parent-object yet. For example, Ctrl+Up on the single item in a table-cell shows the position to insert prior siblings (new item (Ins) or paste (V)). (Hint: Ctrl+Enter (does the same as Ctrl+Down, followed by Ins) works in old versions as well)

- Any N-Line (superline) can contain links to other N-Lines (sublines). In the N-Line dialog, when you display the linked subline, it will replace the superline display; later you can return back to the superline display. N-Line navigation automatically includes sublines.

- The symbol-dialog (and character-dialog) shows information about the text-character selected in the document.

- Improved: Windows which started with maximized size in older versions, now start with their last size.

- Improved: Show list of print-pages (indexed by row, column) in the printer-queue system-window.

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