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General Payment Information

How to pay?

All orders are processed securely by our online reseller MyCommerce Share-it. You can use credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, WebMoney, PayPal, purchase orders, checks, direct debit. If you have questions about ordering, payment, delivery, please go visit the Customer Care Center at Share-it.

How much does Aibase cost?

The price of the Single-User License is 49 Euro (exc. VAT). Please visit the order-form page to view the price specifically for your region and currency.

What do I get when I pay?

Aibase allows a smooth transition from evaluating Aibase on your systems to perpetual usage of all functions.

Once your payment has been accepted, Share-it will deliver your customized license file (via email and download link). This license file is subject to the conditions of the distributed license agreement (Aibase Info Dialog).

The Trial Version's Start-Dialog can be used to load your license file; this will activate the Full Version. Aibase does not require internet access, neither for activation.

The license file is bound to the major Aibase-version (Aibase 3). All software updates (Aibase 3.xxx) with the same major version number are free. With the license, the major version can be used forever with no additional cost.

Purchase a License

Click here to proceed to the order form in Euro (49 Euro) and others.

Click here to proceed to the order form in US dollars (64 USD).

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